Introducing AllLinked

Create card: Fill all your social media account information (address, accurate location, picture, follow your friends).

AllLinked Personal: Stay in touch with your friends, relatives and your business relations.

AllLinked Business: Stay in touch with your customer.

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About Us

Personal AllLinked

Starting today, you won’t have to ask your friends about their social media accounts. If they are registered, just follow them and you will find all their social accounts, locations and addresses. You don’t have to carry your business card with you. Just share your business card ID and let people follow you.

  • Create your personal card
  • Find friends on other networks
  • Hide private information

Corporate AllLinked

You can connect to your customers and let them connect to you. Let them know everything about your business -all locations and all social media accounts. Grow your business by sharing your offers and locations with your connections.

  • Grow your business connections
  • Share your offers and new locations
  • Let your customer connect to you and know everything about your business, all locations and all social media accounts

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